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Body Beautiful
August 27, 2009, 1:27 am
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Ok, so my daily routine these days follows this simple pattern…wake up, have a cigarette, switch on my computer then surf the internet, scroll my favourite blogs; and I stumble across this story of a woman who is creating a lot of buzz as part of Glamour Magazine’s naked body issue, why the buzz you ask? Because she is a size 12! Now while not revealing my size I have an issue with her bold assertion of, ” I learned to love my body and my size..” and I think to myself GET REAL!. Just now as I am having a cigarette and I catch my reflection on my window (not supposed to be smoking in the house) I count 3 rolls of fat in my neck! When did this happen? I am only 32 years old!!!!!!

Can you actually get to a stage of loving the fact when you put on a pair of jeans (stretch I might add) you have to spend 45 minutes searching for a top that will hide the rolls of fat that  appear tauntingly around your belly; a top that manages to camouflage without making you look 7 months pregnant while managing at the same time, I might add,  to not expose the dreaded plumbers crack as soon you as you sit down! I think I have a healthy dose of self esteem but can I honestly say that I feel comfortable looking at myself in the mirror knowing that the image staring back at me is that of my mother at age 45, after 2 children and a childhood of waking at 4am to find coal for the prima stove walking 15k to school, loaded with a diet of carbs, staple of corn meal…hmmm…..

She must be on that good stuff and I want a hit as long as it is not a shake approved by Weigh-less…can a woman, any woman for that matter get to that holy grail of being, of forgetting her wobbly bits or the fact that when lying down (after she has perfected the angle most attractive in those far and few SPL118971_001moments of intimacy where she actually looks like a size 6 upside down) her stomach folds are not drooping to one side like some evil magnet in the sheet is calling to them…

yes repeat the mantra, “i love me , i love my body“…BOLLOCKS!


August 21, 2009, 5:54 pm
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Justice delayed is Justice denied
August 21, 2009, 3:57 pm
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I find it interesting that we are forced to side one way or the other on the issue of preserving the integrity and independence of the judiciary and yet neglect the real issue of a lack of transformation in the justice sytem of this country. It is easy I guess ,to point figures at political caricatures those most visible in the public domain and neglect the argument that for anything to be protected it must hold some value, is functional or at least has some integrity to begin with…

Ode to First Ladies…
August 21, 2009, 3:53 pm
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Now, there has been a lot of talk mainly fodder for the cigar lounge set on who of the 4 (or is it 7 now, seeing as lobola counts as marriage these days) will be SA’s first lady. This thought could prove futile as he might take them all to Pretoria. But bear with me for a minute…

With the change in political cllimate, expectation is very high for first ladies, she can be like the epitome of a bygone baby boom era a ball breaker virginia wolfe type (hillary anyone?) or a prim and proper laura” don’t sit on that couch, that’s for visitors…” Or quite flimsy and inappropriate (Lady Diamond anyone, for those who keep up with Ice Cube movies and the goings on in the Turks and Caicos)…ah where am I going with this?

Yes This Is Africa…where largely our first ladies are rarely seen and never heard, unless ofcourse you count boutique store surveillence footage (sorry Grace!)…my vote will be for MaKhumalo…yes Sizakele from Inkandla…now some might snicker at the suggestion of nomitating the walking fashion faux pas who considers the sheepskin sandal the height of sophistication, however I deeply believe that she can do for fashion what our local designers and Tutu have failed to do..which is to bring back the boubou!

I like big girls and I cannot lie…
Yours in Arms

Oh but the folly of youth…
August 21, 2009, 3:50 pm
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YES education is important but so is leadership and conviction and an understanding and appreciation of the self…do i want a president with a masters degree who only caters for his bought friends or one whose foot is still muddy from his roots and appreciates that for south africa to grow we need to break the shacles of a shallow liberation where connection is king…

Mine is not a president with a larny model c accent with stolen sound bites form langston hughes…i want a president who understands that he like me wants to have an oportunity to change the things about the world he sees as imperfect, who like me wants to leave a legacy where his children and his children’s children can have a choice whether to finish their doctorate or continue their career as mbaqanga singers…the point is, i want someone who like me knows that at the heart of all south africans lies a dream to live in a prosperous and free country; where i no longer have to apologise for my black skin; and where opportunities are not closed off to me because of my skin and because of my last name…

“Oh but he does not even have a Matric!” Have you even read the policies! I am saddened by this MXIT generation who like their cousins, only pay attention when a popstar is wearing a T-shirt and seem to mimick inaudible vitriol about what now has become foklore about the man’s many wives…so what…is this not the democratic dispensation you voted in that allows for the freedonms you and I take for granted? Fact check, democracy my dear means sometimes having to put up with things that you may not be comfortable with in order for the greater freedom that allows you to live the way you choose is protected.

My father is from Zuma’s generation and like him did not complete his matric because his father died and he had to work to support his family…does this make him any less intelligent, less of a leader? He is a proud African man who brought into and raised 2 brilliant children into this world who respect God, themselves and their family and have at heart the conviction that it is not enough they because of the luck of the draw were able to complete their schooling…education is not a priviledge but a right that should be shared by ALL. So young one, I am not Hoping I am Living…


I did it!
August 21, 2009, 3:29 pm
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Enter the Vortex



It amazes me some of the foolish things people spend their money on or choose to obsess about…recently someone told me that there ought to be a reason  why I spend money on gossip magazines and seem to have an opinion on everything from food security; why black actors struggle in Hollywood or why they won’t let our President be great… this is the one time when I am not backing down from a challenge and have started my own blog!!!!!….which I hope will prove a more stimulating read for my brother stuck in traffic and force my partner to limit his daily roundabout at the office pretending to look busy…

Hello world!
August 21, 2009, 12:55 pm
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